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Welcome to Freeze Community Church!
Thank you for visiting us at Freeze Church. We are a small congregation who have joined together to worship in the historic Freeze Community Church each Sunday Morning. We have few of the trappings of organized churches and little of the burden which membership sometimes entails. We are not a part of any of the organized denominations and none of our offering is sent to a denominational headquarters to be used for administration. We hold the Word of God as received in the Bible to be the basis of our faith.  You are welcome to join us any time.

Current SermonsAs we begin a new year, we’ll also begin a new study in the New Testament, The Book of John.  Our reason for studying the gospel of John is that we may know the gospel so that we may have a foundation for our faith. We study and understand that we may be saved and that we might be able to give the reason for our hope to all who ask.

Previous Sermons:

 The book of Genesis has to be the foundation of all Christian theology.  It contains the account of the beginning of the world and of all mankind.  It explains who we are, how we got here, how sin entered the world, how man fell, and gives us a grand picture of God’s dealings with mankind.  The presentation of the Gospel has got to begin with Genesis.

In this time when the gospel is under attack from seemingly every front, when it is being perverted and twisted as never before, it is prudent to revisit one of the most important letters written by a New Testament author: 
The book of Galatians.

Contact Pastor Lloyd for more information. 

  • Watch the movie 180 online.  
  • Free book from Living Waters "God Has a Wondful Plan For Your Life:  The Myth of the Modern Message" by Ray Comfort





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